Good budget pg?

Good budget pg?

I haven’t played much 2k this year but I’m looking for a decent pg to play off the bench. I’m paring him up with diamond Vince at the sg. So looking for a fun backcourt

Walt Frazier, Oscar, diamond SGA. Or Jeremy Lin, but you have to evolve him.


Sounds good. I only have ruby Lin so far. Have you tried Beverly?

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Oh, forgot about him. He’s great too. I love his behind the back dribble.

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Maybe his former teammate, Jason Kidd? I’m biased, as he’s one of my all-time favorites, but I like him after Wade and Frazier. The only knocks on him are no range extender and a slow shot. That said, his shot is much improved over the version they used the last few years.


Also diamond Lowry, Terry and Smart.


Yah tbh I’m not looking to invest loads of time into evoing players. Just a good pg worth his value

LOWRY! Definitely going to pick him up if his card plays well

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He has great badges and release.

I forgot to mention Terry and Smart. Both are great and pretty cheap. And they compliment each other very well: Terry is a pure shooter, while Smart is a beast on the defensive end, but also provides an upside on offense

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Marcus Smart or Kyle Lowry. Cant go wrong.

Patrick Beverley

Bronze PJ Doizer is a stud

Do you know which has a better release?

Ja Morant yo. Just make it happen. He’s fucking crazy dude


Get the Diamond

The ruby is good. The diamond is amazing

How much is he going for? I’m assuming his price is gna drop a lot in a few days though

I feel like he is like 50k. Worth every penny tho

Jamal Murray pretty damn good too.

Might be new card juice.

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Is Jamal much cheaper? I wouldn’t mind rocking the kid from Kitchener, ON

Jamal like 20/25
Ja is 50