Good Brothers Of 2KGamer

Good evening,

My name is Dasher. I have been a member of this forum since it’s inception. I have been told by the moderators that I will be suspended or banned the next time I reply to any attacks, trolls, or insults directed toward me or if I make light hearted jokes that mods don’t find humorous.

With that being said I regret to inform you that I am ending any and all current feuds that I have. And unfortunately I will no longer be able to reply, even in a joking way, to posts that lightheartedly troll me.

My new gimmick will be that of a serious person who discusses 2K in a very stern and cerebral way. I will be everyone’s personal cheer leader moving forward but when discussing 2K I will exhibit a strong passion and love for the game of digital basketball.

For Honor!
For 2K!
For Gamer!

— Dasher


Lol, well played.

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This is Sparta!


Where did @nba2kgamer go tho?

Is PD kobe coming?

And does shaq have the cheesy behind the back? Hed be a great pg


You sir. Are a great 2K player. And next year I want to see you in that tournament my brother.

Great one man!


Thanks Dasher! You the man! One love!

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Ooh do me next!

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You sir are one of the brightest 2K minds I have ever seen. I’m glad to be part of the same community as you.


Dasher? More like TRASHER.

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@Dasher how’s your day dog?

@Dasher is a sweetheart yall on the real

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Absolutely excellent. I have been dissecting the game of 2K and trying to add new things to my game.

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You gotta start running triangle offense with one 3 point shooter on your whole team.

Post up every possession.

On some old man ball shit. That pure shit.


@Dasher I can no longer be acquainted with you.


Does this actually work ? Lol

Ps i fuckin love this guy

Aka @dasher. Cant wait to hear you and harry get down on some intellectual shieeeetttttt

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I’m cerebral Dasher now. I got that passion and grind!

Not a bad idea.

Lol I know this isn’t serious