Good bench guard that is cheap

been running baron davis, but he keeps missing open threes. Any other good options under 35k?

Diamond penny.

If I go with penny, there is no point in switching because Baron is a way better shooter

Diamond Dame.

PD Payton is dirt cheap, but not a great shooter if that is your primary concern

He does have HOF dimer and plays lockdown D

JJ Redick is a great shooter, and is much cheaper after Madness pack locker code

Havlicek is pretty good and is close to that price


Hof stopper and dimer at 6’4

I have had payton before, and my main concern is shooting atm

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Amy Trevor Ariza is also a great shooter

ANd the new diamond Buddy Hield, but his release takes some practice

Ariza is nice but I’m already running him as my primary lock if I need the defense

Buddy hield is good as well but he’s he SG

So you want a PG

Wait next weekend until PD De’Aaron Fox is cheaper

He is incredibly fast with good release, sick handles, and dunks on everyone

He is better than Ani Kyrie and Steph imo

aight thanks

Clyde MF Drexler


I just got richie guerin after reading some posts here. Using TB PD Russ (who is massively overlooked) and just wanted to check richie out. 23k

Edit…I’m gonna recommend Russ. He does it all. Release isnt for everyone. But HOF dimer on a finisher like him for 20k is a steal imho

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Tbe magic

diamond guerin is a monster — definitely try him out


Payton or Clyde

Guerin is already a beast, but if you have Diamond Porzingod, they are incredible.

Gotta go clyde


TBE Magic is crazy cheap now too.