Good 3andD PG?

I am thinking about locking Richmond, but still 80 tokens away. With new CWebb, I am playing him as point forward and using PG mostly as catch and shoot guy and defender. Walt is awesome, but he is underutilized in this role. does not have HOF shooting badges and his base 11 stinks.

Who did you like from PGs as good shooters with great defense? Gonna try Stockton first as I bought him cheaply, but I am intrigued by Oscar and Lonzo. Plus I have locked Westbrook, just not sure about his release, dont remember if it is really catch and shoot friendly.

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Lonzo and oscar are amazing. I prefer lonzo because I don’t really like oscar’s release, but he is still beastly. Lonzo has his signature release, whereas oscar has the same release as issel if you want to try. Both have amazing defense, hof shooting badges, size and nice handles (lonzo a bit better handles)

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GO Drose

Lonzo card is a joke seriously and i have Oscar, Ben, Magic, Lebron, perfect MJ too. Using him over all of these :joy: If Mt is a problem, Oscar is the guy as Rons mentioned, Lonzo is twice as expensive.

Have to try that Lonzo’s release, I think I never played with his card. He looks damn good though. How are his steals?

Best, it’s like a bug.

Richmond is probably the best possible 3 and D player at the 1

but you really can’t go wrong with pd ak

Lonzo’s steals are the only ones on the same level as mj

Lonzo is a 3DD point since he has great dunking too.

I never even used SG at PG, Mitch would be first. Definitely wont go AK47 route.

Glad to hear that. Walt has 94 on ball steal tendency, he is a machine, so it would be hard to say goodbye to that.

I guess I will try Lonzo after Stockton.

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If i get another opal it’s gonna be money Mitch


FFS, now got Rudy Gay, have no idea where to put him.

I can see you’re a warriors fan so i don’t know if you are willing to do that, but gay is a much better iggy

I have Iggy for that HOF Dimer (on PC) as I pretty much run whole second unit for Steph and occasionally Googs. I could theoretically put Giannis PF, KD at bench SF (he has HOF Dimer too) and then Rudy as starting SF, but not sure if he is that good.

Lonzo is the best in position point guard to me, especially for 3 and d lol

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Token billups

Pick him up for the tournament… I like using him a lot

Standing shot slow, moving shot is much better

90 strength great defense and playmaking

(Warning I like odd players others don’t seem to like lol)


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Fuck off.