Gonna make a bold claim here

Equalizer isn’t real. Prove me wrong.



equalizer doesn’t lead me to losses but it exists for sure

the game helps out a full ammy team vs my god squad by unreasonable finishes over contests, guys rebounding when they have no right, fouling on 3 pt shots & general energy of the game

by the time 4th quarter rolls thru you’ll win if you’re better & keep your poise

i think the mechanic is a positive for the game

oh, and equalizer for the team behind in score is real too — but that even exists in real life — the team behind tends to make more shots & the team ahead tends to brick especially at certain intervals like up 7


it doesn’t exist. its all in your little imaginations

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Def gotta be some type of balancer

Opals don’t dominate like a true 99 against rubies

They don’t go down to an 89, but they are def not as dominant

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TTO you can fully see the eq or whatever you would like to call it

Run 10 games with your highest rated players

Watch rubies piss allover your team and your players act lost

Not run the same test with

1 PD
1 diamond
1 amethyst

Come back with results

( I’m not talking using pnr etc in TTO)

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I’ve done both and I win most of my games either way.

Watch Carlos story’s video using Giannis worthy and wilt in tto and tell me they first two games the guys he’s playing weren’t being helped out

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By I know you notice your players doing dumb things right,?

It doesn’t exist, people are bad at the game and think because the color of the card is pink it automatically should get every play/event in it’s favor if it’s going against a lower color card.

I’ve seen my players do dumb things both ways. Like that animation when your player just drops the ball with no one around him and goes out of bounds. I don’t believe shitty gameplay is the result of equalizer.

Agree that it doesn’t exist. This game is just poorly made, and a lot of the mechanics are random and not ratings based. I’ve gotten out boarded by ridiculous numbers when facing a team the same level of mine as well.

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Just watch Carlos video and tell me it doesn’t exist please lol

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Same here.
I can live with some bad passes, turnovers and missed shots.

But for the love of God, stop insulting my intelligence with ruby/amy midgets finishing like 10 layups per game over AD, Wilt and Shaq.

The other day I had a game where I shot 4 FTs, my opponents shot 17!!
Like 5 of those were and1s in situations where I didn’t even jump, just put my hands up. Ridiculous.

And I had around 20 more points in the paint.

Half of the games I win by 20 feel like I should’ve won by like 60.
I can live with a lot of stuff in various games, but this game is just disgusting at times.
It’s maddening how it rewards dumb plays (not cheese, but literally dumb plays) over and over again.


I mostly play TTO

And I notice a major difference most games, that’s why I run a rainbow line up, and lower overall players in positions I see most pink diamonds

My lower tier players usually do all the scoring and destroy the PDs they are matched up against


I dont believe in EQ either. Its a poor losers excuse

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Calling it The eq is easier than player engagement

I won’t bash your thinking @Jdx32 but just stating what I’ve seen first hand

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Now i’m triggered.

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Yeah i’ve definitely noticed some sort of algorithm that benefits one over the other, no doubt about it

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