Gonna go to bed and wake up tomorrow either super pissed or satisfied

Did you vote? Then I send good energy.

Did you not? Then I hope you lose.

I didn’t, but I leave for work at 6 and pick up my two kids at 5:30 that I watch alone until right now.

You will hold a single L then.

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Pretty harsh.

I went to Afghanistan twice does that count for anything? Can you take back your L karma before I play these?


Get awanz to do it for u. He did it for me ! He is a great player

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Pay me or compete against me.

You can do it. I believe in you.

Playing some dude with Manu at PG that lets the timer run down to zero on time outs of course.

So u only need one more win ?!?!?!?

Ya I just won by two against an off ball three launcher. On ball stripped him five or six times and couldn’t even pick up a loose ball. Really lucky to get that win.


Got it.

Congratz haha i believed in u

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Thanks…the thought of starting over from 11 is worse than anything.

Congrats man. Enjoy Manu. He’s super fun to play with! Such a unique card.

Grats man. He’s amazing. Got him earlier today and still learning his shot but he’s awesome.

Congrats dude !