Gonna Give PNO a Whirl

I’m gonna at least take a break from My team or at least switch to being way more casual about it. Or try. For at least a couple cycles I have said that I should probably play PNO and would enjoy it more and think I’m going to finally at least give it an extended look.

Played three games tonight and went 1-3 but enjoyed even the losses much more than most MyTeam wins.

Even in my third game, using Spurs versus a guy who had the Rockets and spammed Harden PnR, and which I lost by double digits, the game was more engaging and fun. The Harden heavy action was of course realistic to IRL Rockets and while the Beard seemed a little OP, it felt more realistic.

Having bad perimeter defense options didn’t help, but,
even so, I could’ve played it all better. On D and definitely on O. And the opponent was obviously pretty comfortable flogging Harden repeatedly.

And, I’m not sure yet, but do feel like lag was basically nonexistent. The whole game felt smoother, though of course players are way less dynamic and more sluggish on average.


It’s a far better game mode for non cheesers

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It felt more fun because it was a different experience after you played MyTeam for some time…

See you next week :wink:

Welcome, Harry. The water is fine. By the time you get to the top levels (read: All Time Teams) the cheese gets bad but no where near MyTeam levels.

Recently went back to MyTeam but then Hedo behind the back dribbled across half the court in one move, stopped on a dime and took a three and I remembered why I left and went back to my MyLeague.


Yeah, frankly I’m not looking forward to playing someone using the Warriors.

Just had a close game (loss) against a Trailblazers team, using the Spurs again. Dame did Dame things. I probably could have flipped the result if I had just played DeMar on him full time, and also extended pressure. It’s funny but I think DeMar might be the Spurs best perimeter defender. Needed to pay more attention to CJ too. Both of them nailed one or two legitimately contested threes, but that’s not unrealistic.

Held them to realistic and good (for me) shot %, but lost on turnovers and points off those. Some due to some cheesy stuff, but mostly due to my own bad habits.

People are still trying to spam PnR for bad animations to get open threes. It’s bearable. People still do stuff like try to get bump blocks and such, but it’s bearable

I’m glad you’re seeing the light!! PNO is much better for sim players and as an NBA diehard I really enjoy using the real players.

@HarryLundt If you’re on PS4 and want to get even more sim and less cheese (and no equalizer!), we still have a spot left in our My League Online: PS4 My League Online - Spots Remaining

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Some tips for PNO:

Make sure you adjust lineups and playbooks pregame. With Spurs for example, you can’t run Forbes and White together IMO. I slide Derozan down to SG and bench Forbes since White is a better defender. Also credit to some 2KG members for showing me how to edit playbooks in PNO. Assigning my 2-3 money plays to a base playbook I’m comfortable with has really helped. And if you set your defensive settings, remember you can be much more help oriented than in My Team since most teams don’t have more than 3 good shooters.

Just played a guy that used the Warriors and i thought i was playing MTU lol dude pulled out all the cheese, behind screen shooting, double teams from half court, zig zagging, inbounds steals on every play, sprint steals, he even flash paused! (stopped when he had 1 pause left). It was brutal and i got smashed hahaha the other games I’ve played of PNO were no where near as bad though

Stick to tier 2 and 3. With boogie back, the warriors are an all star team and especially overpowered in video game. Difficulty settings are still too low in PNO to stop that nonsense.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a great player. I’m average at best and just play for fun but man, dude was sweaty as hell lol

Is this thread the main/only one? Don’t see what teams are available.

I am hesitant to commit to trying hard to coordinate times to play games, because I’m mostly on in the very late evenings, PST, on weeknights. So playing anything but insomniacs in CST/EST is tough.

But if you want to fill spots and having someone who is somewhat active is better than not at all, let me know.


In one game, I ran White - DeMar - Gay - Bertans - LMA. In another, I ran Lonnie Walker and the rest, for Walker’s athleticism. But he got picked a couple times.

San Antonio would be much much more fun to play if Dejounte Murray were healthy.

Now I’m used to the coaching/lineups/etc screens. I can do all those adjustments in time, pretty easily. Really like that we can set our Bench and other lineups, if we’re quick enough about it.

Need to get into playbook customization and play type customization, but it’ll take some time to be able to do that fast enough.

Or can we adjust that in Pause menu/Timeouts?

Yeah, I’m a Warriors fan but I feel self-conscious about playing the Warriors in PNO.

I might give Raptors a try when I play Tier 1.

Or I’ll just play my Warriors.

Just not looking forward to the cheese.

My guess, if I keep playing PNO, is that I’ll stick to Tier 2 and Tier 3.

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Sent you a PM on the My League spots.

As far as playbook…you have to be quick about it…but go to “assign plays” in the same menu section as where you set defensive settings, coaching sliders, etc. From there you can add 2-3 of your favorite plays pretty easily once you get used to it.

Do you know, offhand, if regular Play Now (offline PvCPU) has the same menu system?

I might try to run through stuff there to get it done efficiently.

The celtics, raps, 76ers are only teams id take against warriors in PNO. Otherwise youre asking to lose

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Yes. It’s the same.

Great thanks.

I’m looking forward to getting to know a team really well and figuring out ideal ways to use some role players with very specific assignments of plays and play types.

The biggest reason I’m going to scale down my engagement with MyTeam and/or take a breather, is the gameplay. The meta and the general behavior one encounters in Unlimited on the regular.

But another reason is that 2K has been, in some ways, very hostile to No Money Spent players. Slowing down scrolling speed of course dampens down on sniping a great deal, but it’s also just fundamentally hostile toward any player who is making MT through AH trading, even if not by sniping or some other “method” that does not necessitate fast scrolling through auction listings…but which becomes a ridiculous chore because they also dramatically slowed down scrolling through one’s own AH Inventory.

I can get the argument to slowing down AH listings to more widely distribute ability to snag snipes.

But slowing down one’s pace going through one’s own Inventory is a fuck you to every single player, except maybe the very tiny percentage of whales who buy tons of packs, quick-sell basically everything, and only use the AH to sell a low volume of high-value items.

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I have no issue playing against the Warriors, I dont mind taking a loss in a good game either. My biggest issue is the way people play while using them (in my experience it’s like playing MyTeam). I’m not gonna beat on about the cheesing meta, but i don’t enjoy it myself. PNO is still a more enjoyable game mode though play style wise. The 13th man isn’t generally another guy that can drop 50 on you lol which is nice

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