Golden Temple of Dennis Smith, Jr

Is anyone else feeling this golden beast? He’s nicely badged and super fast, great for TTOff and grinding. Probably handy for a limited, too.

He’s a stepping stone to the Minor Holy Temple of Ant Simons for those of you on the TTOff grind.

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How do you get him?

The Limited Week 1 challenge.

Any idea if that challenge is timed? Do we think it stays available for a couple days?

FYI the challenge disappeared.

The challenge is back, or at least it was back 10 hours ago

were there myteam limited weeks in 2k21 thay you could only use golds?

yea there was one that was on rookie difficulty

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LMAO that was a frustrating weekend

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looks like he is far and away the best gold. shld probably get it before he expires Friday and we find out this weekend is golds only

This card is right now a must have for a Ttoff grind to get low tier cpu teams.
By far the best gold, yeah.

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Yeah I went ahead and got him since the base gold don’t have any badges. Assume we are going to have to use golds soon in Limited since there are so few cards out.

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