Gold rush event service

I can win you the event on east or west servers for money ,
This give plus 300k vc , unlimited boost and one item

What else can you do

Only that for now :joy:

How does it work? I’d like to play it, must find a teammate haha

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He keeps pulling up on you during gold rush and loses on purpose. People like this why this event is trash lol

I mean, how does the event work? Sorry couldn’t explain myself…

It’s in the anteup, if you earn enough VC to be in the top 10 (might be 5) you win. It’s filled with boosters in the top spots though, you can also get a sleeve or some shit if u come top 50

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This is what everyone does in this event , I can win you BBG or formula too :+1:

I can try to go too 50 with you on some server .
Already have west and EU fill

How you want! Just explain me how it works, I’ve never did it haha