Going back to god squad lol (lineup help

So I woke up today and made $120 in two hours. I’ll take it. So I decided to purcahse some MT to have some fun sniping and buy new players for friendlies.

I bought Weber and west. This is what I have now? No I’m not a cheesers , I just love the way diamond Scottie plays the point. My plans are copping diamond Jordan for the starting 2 and wilt for my starting center. I can afford Hakeem and really want Hakeem but since he’s expensive, I know I’ll probably lose loads of my. Also I have enough scorers, so a speed switch all center sounds perfect.


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KAT/Hakeem are the 1A/1B at the moment unless you want to run AD at center. I run him at the 4 with Hakeem. I also have the admiral who i occasionally swap with Kat as part of my lineup since he kills it as well. KAT obviously is the better shooter where Hakeem is the better defensive big but both excel in all areas. I’m pretty certain KAT should be fairly affordable compared to Hakeem but i haven’t checked his price recently

Once our ruby league round ends, we should run a similar friendly with our real teams

I’m always down to run. Each tourney round is only 3 games tops. I know you’re used to grinding from super max, so on nights like yesterday when you just play won, hmu after I’m down.

PD kawhi even put George at the 2 kawhi at 3

It really sounds like you sold MT just to buy MT lol

instead of MJ get a lights out shooter. TMac/Kobe or Klay if u wanna save MT for other positions

I run all 3 Hakeem and AD starting with KAT backing them up. a little KD at PF too


Sounds like my lineup

I sometimes play Kat over admiral but I wont lie. Not much of a difference between the two. Actually Drob has played slightly better. I will be making changes though once I get Vince tomorrow

we have same starting and bench backcourt lol. I have the shittier Harden but I added def stopper so I dont wanna upgrade and have to rebuy badges. new one has hof posterizer and corner spec tho

Lol my boy woke me up beating on my door because his movers bailed and it’s moving season so everyone was booked. Moving is tough as hell when both locations we’re 3 floors high no elevator but I’ll take $60 an hr

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Peep again tmac is my back is sg. I run 2 platoons so everyone plays 10 mins. Mj would have a 3 shoe btw

And they bought me dinner haha

$120 would had been better spent at a casino, lest you would had fun for about a hour or two depending how you go about the machines or tables

Alright so right now I’m wondering… Wilt for 30 k (can’t lose much more value) or hakeem for 88ish (can lose alot more value)

Nah I only spent 30 on the MT lol. Rest is prob going to :evergreen_tree:

i have wilt but want the dream to dont know if i should sell wilt for dream