God Squads Online Now, Beware

If you’re making a run at 12-0 tonight, beware. I’m only using two diamonds, but I just faced three straight all PD teams, each one with 1 or 2 Galaxy Opals. Which made my 7-0 record disappear rather quickly.

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I am not playing atm but good looking out!
System info is relevant though.

I can confirm on xbox

I just got EQ’d so damn hard. Everybody’s running out of bounds. I’m lagging hard. He can’t miss contested shots. Roy and Hedo are bricking EVERYTHING. Can’t grab a rebound. Like… Mutombo can’t grab DEFENSIVE rebounds. What a joke.

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Yup Xbox

Tto just as crazy

perfect ima run thru w my god squad rn

come on in www.twitch.tv/shamsz

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I mean I was on Xbox over the last hour playing with limited Roy and ruby and below players just to mess around with Roy. Got matched with two people in a row who had cards as low as golds in their lineups with Ruby Jokic and CP3 being the best cards I saw between both games.