God is Reaaaal!



Cowboys suck
Won’t even make it out of the NFC

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Lmao Scott wasn’t the problem, the hand clapper is the reason you guys will always be nothing :joy::joy::joy::joy:

clearly you havent watched a game this year peasant.

Scotty gameplan was outdated and was seen a mile away.

lmao bye

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Just stop typing bruh im not gon let you blow my high @BodySZN

Clearly you are smoking some hasheesh
QB is overatted… only reason he even good is that god tier O-line

Just like @Yourhoodhero stated, you will never be anything, the cowboys will always suck the taint of a stronger team in the NFC

Why you trolling?

I’m fucking around lol
Just salty the Texans lost so I hate to see other teams thrive rn

As a bears fan I dont give you permission to be salty cause yall got outplayed from start to finish… The bears on the other hand… fuck. should be playing on sunday.

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I was surprised the Bears couldn’t pull that off but I have to say that they would have no chance of coming out of the conference.
I seriously thought that the Texans had a shot of reaching the SB that’s why I was so pissed the Colts took us down once again

No chance? Bro the saints got lucky as hell alshon dropped that. The bears couldve beaten the saints and we already beat the rams ass this year. Stop it. Bears couldve won it all

I’m sorry but I’m not trusting Trubisky to take me on a run through the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong their defence is phenomal and can clearly compete with the best but the young offence would get decimated.
It’s unfortunate they lost the way they did but I don’t think they could have taken the Saints nor the Rams.

Why would you not trust trubisky? They hate on him is honestly out of control. His QBR increased every single quarter in the eagles game and he set them up to win that game. there is no reason to believe he wouldnt have been better each and every game going forward in the postseason and how could you say we wouldnt beat the rams when we already smoked them. I was there and the bears dominated them from first to last snap

It was the defence that won them that contest over the Rams and it was the defence that carried them all season.
Trubisky didn’t have the greatest game, threw for 3 interceptions.
But w that being said I have faith in the Bears and Trubisky is improving a lot. I believe if they get 1 more piece to their offence they could be lethal

Kareem hunt :eyes:

Most important thing is our front office and coach are great so we should be good

Yeah Chicago is a great sports town too so maybe they land a big deal who knows