Goat 🐐 plays

What are your favorite plays of all time?

Goat in game dunk: Wade dunks on Varejao

Goat dunk in dunk contest: Aaron Gordon over the mascot

Goat Buzzer Beater: Lillard shot over PG13

Goat Pass: No look pass from James to Zizic vs Lakers

Goat Circus shot: Behind the backboard shot from Kobe Bryant against OKC

Goat Crossover: Iverson double crossover on Daniels

Goat Block: James chasedown on Iguodala

Keep in mind, these are personal preferences. I’m really curious to see yours. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Greatest basketball play of all-time IMO


GOAT outlet pass

The fluid 1 handed rebound, throwing motion is :exploding_head:


Yeah, one of the most historic dunks ever.

Still can’t believe Jokic was a 2nd rounder

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Any Magic pass is the GOAT pass to me

Goat dunk :

Just… How is this possible on a 7’1 man during a game…

Goat shot :


Its not about the context, the importance of the shot or such things. It’s about showing how much Curry on fire is literally unstoppable.

Man is close to lose the ball with 2 seconds on the clock. He just grabs it and shoot it in less than 1.5 seconds 2 meters behind the 3pt line with Love contesting it.

Nothing. But. Net.

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Cooked that bum

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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E6fTvZukePo This

Easy. This alley from Kobe to Shaq.

Lakers were down like 30 and came back to win game 7. You could hear screaming in the streets from everybody watching the game.

Kobe 2 Clutch Plays Against Phoenix in the Playoffs.

Tmac with the 13 Clutch Points.

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I went nuts when I was watching this live.


Wades 360 layup with the left at the end tho.

So much artistry in that one play. Watched it over and over on CFWM

I want to post every single video I can find of this man but I’ll just leave this one here. Something that was overlooked even during his short but brilliant career was his athleticism. Brandon had hops man:

But also, so incredibly silky smooth:

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