GOAT PG Giannis vs GOAT PG LeBron/NIB Ben Simmons

Still deciding on a starting PG (thank you @Kobe6Rings for recommending LaMelo as my backup), but after reading my last post, there are a lot of quality PGs in the game and don’t know who has the edge for me. Right now, I’m still swaying towards Giannis because of his length, behind the back, and glitchy hop step. But, after hearing the differences between GOAT PG LeBron and NIB Ben Simmons, I want to know the pros and cons/differences between Giannis and LeBron/Ben so I can make finally wrap this game up. Thanks!

I also play Bol Bol/Kareem and GOAT Bird/Dino in my SF/PF slots so I don’t have space to play Giannis at the 3/4, and my starting PG right now is GOAT Steph so I need a major upgrade there.

giannis at sf/pf, simmons and lebron is a tossup. id go simmons since hes way cheaper

i know you said you cant but you have to

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I like Simmons more than Lebron, but i prefer Giannis over both.

If you don’t shoot a LOT, Ben probably is better than Pg Giannis. I moved mine to PF just to use Ben more. Switch em ingame time to time.

what makes you prefer Giannis over the other two?

I take a good amount of jumpers in-game and I know Ben’s release is slower I’ll prob give Ben a try first since hes cheaper and see if I like him or not

I have Giannis’ jumper memorized on my fingertips. I just can’t miss with him. I also like his player model and animations more.

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but the Glitched KP and Bol Bol duo is just disgusting + Kareem and Yao at the 4/5

i dont have lbj but PG Goat GIANNIS IS THE BEST pg IN THE GAME, Dont @ me

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From the 3 jumpers I’d take giannis’s
His lenght and height is just huge to run the ball with at the 1 and spacing is different when you run him with the ball at the 1 rather than the 3 or 4.
As a bench option I can’t quite decide but maybe lebron since I’m so bad with simmons’s jumper

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