GOAT PG Giannis + GOAT SF LeBron OR GOAT PG LeBron + GOAT SF Giannis?

We probably aren’t going to know definitively until tomorrow with reviews of the PG LeBron and Giannis gameplay, but I’m starting the topic early.

Which pairing are you going for? (feel free to say neither)

I think it’s pretty widely agreed that GOAT PG Giannis will be the best PG in the game


I hope so! I’ve been underwhelmed by virtually every PG I’ve tried this year (since Glitched Giannis). Right now, I have the new Ben Simmons and he is probably the best I’ve tried, but hoping PG Giannis tops him.

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We already know how Giannis will be at PG and its just like the current GOAT Giannis. Same for Bron.

Its all about playstyle and animation preference considering stats, badges and tendencies will be the same. For me Durant, Harden and LaMelo are all better than PG Giannis for my style.


Isaac, Lamelo, Simmons, and for me tmac are more preferred at the one. Giannis is nice but those long arms during his cross or hesi is easy plucks for bump stealers.

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Yeah I’m liking Harden right now a ton too. Him and Simmons. I have now officially tried Durant 3 separate times and I still can’t shoot with him. LaMelo still makes my team, but I’ve never been a fan of his shot either.

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I think spamming Hardens slower shot messed up my LaMelo timing. I cant even shoot with him right now lol

Durant shot is an acquired taste imo. Its a one motion jumper and you release at the top. It feels like the green window is smaller than other cards and he doesnt hit a lot of whites if you miss time it.

Give ANY of these mentioned top PG Base 98 and I’d be in heaven.

I had heard that, which is why I tried Durant for the THIRD time recently. I finally gave up assuming I’ll never acquire that taste.

PG Giannis and PG Lebron ftw

It doesn’t really matter, especially if you plan to use both, since you can change matchups and play though the SF as a playmaker.

In any case, i would choose PG Lebron, coz he’s “undersized” (2K logic) to run at SF.

If I get PG Giannis I’m never losing a game again omm


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Wouldn’t it be the same as him at SF lol

Man it’s not even a point of using both in the court at the same time , lebron it’s just useful for pro 8 you can do that same will all of this cards

Gimme a Lebron every day. Plays like a true guard, money shot (for me, easiest green for my fingers). Giannis cheese is just lazy and repetitive for me.

Granted I finished the collector Giannis grind last year when the cost was ~20mil. Luckily sold off a week before super packs crashed the market and was set for the rest of the year. Played probably a thousand tto games with him.

Nah bruh I need him bringing the ball up automatically every time, it does make a difference since I hold the ball on offense for >12-15 seconds

Then ima get PG Bron to run backup for me

I have goat Bron and he brings up the ball for me plenty. I have auto plays though

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Yeah I just feel like running anyone other than the PG as primary ball handler fucks up my spacing. And when inbounding, the SF is either passing it in or already up the court so it takes a few seconds delay for me to set up my offense. I like just having my PG already ready for the ball with a click of two buttons

I run a fast paced but cerebral offense so PG Giannis is all I want. And ima get Yao back, but other than that consider my MT sold for the year depending on how prices looking tomorrow :joy:


Oh no Yao?

Send invite lmao