GOAT Packs?

Yup, i can’t sell my evo Tracy quick enough lol

Imagine how cool that would be

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I’m still holding onto my goat cards whatever. At least I’ll be getting new goats or dupe goats next week


Why are not the duos shown for mj and magic in that picture of the promo? Its super weird it can only mean that this was planned long time ago…

Can’t wait for GOAT Timmy!!!


John Stockton gonna be ass lol, I could see Shaq and Wilt being common

GOAT Dream is gonna be nasty y’all… I just have a feeling. If you don’t have Yao, Shaq or Kareem, Dream is gonna be the move

Just a question. I think I already have the answer but I wanna ask all of you

You think those Goat packs, will be guaranteed Goat in each pack ?

(To me, it’s nearly impossible but hey, never say never with 2K)

I think these will be guaranteed GOATs in order to push us whales into 2K21.

They might be VC only…

But if they’re MT as well… the market will burn like never before.


I do personally. It’d be weird to go from 100% guaranteed opals to a chance. They’ll just adjust the odds so the “shitty” GOATs fly out the packs.

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Well you’ll see Goat cards for buy now

But now that I think about it

Jokic, Zion, and most of the opals we got Friday are very close of being GOAT’s statwise

And some go for like 7k mt

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Can y’all stop saying “guaranteed”, please. I have 3 GOATS up in the AH for another 2 hours. :shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face:

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We all gonna have to quicksell goat stockton lmao :rofl:


Lol Godspeed brother :innocent:

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All I’m saying is that I have 5 Million MT left and I’m fairly certain I’ll have all the GOATs I want next week and still have 3 million MT.


Yeah pretty sure about that

I’ll buy some mt just to try out some cards for fun :joy:

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Once I’m done with this soulless triple threat grind, I’m gonna have like, 1.5 mil at the rate I’ve been getting MT.

I’m hoping that’ll get me w/e I want.

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Is it worth it?