GOAT Oscar Robertson August POTM




I called this!!! This was an excellent idea. He wasn’t a guy people would rip packs for but a 12-0 reward was perfect for him.


He’s gonna be a goat card. With those stats, he has to be

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They didnt give him Wade/98 but his shot was nice.

His old go?

He’s basically a GOAT card, it seems

No Bill or Duncan, though :frowning:

He is a goat card

I though it was bill russel for goat potm

Glad Duncan wasn’t getting a GOAT card. This is the end of the game fellas

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no Bill Russell then? smh dude won 11 rings and gets no GOAT card but Vince does


Meh, just wanted another base 98.

Playing in the nba for 22 seasons is a goat thing to do

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i like Vince but Kevin Willis played 20 years and why doesn’t he have a GOAT card over Bill Russell aka the guy they named the Finals MVP award for

Well yao played like 7 seasons With nothing but all star games played and he’s a goat dame with giannis but he has 1 mvp

card art


U must be like 75 years old? If u want a bill Russell that bad…Vince only player to play in 3 decades so he def. deserves This…and Kevin Willis come on Man U serious?

Bill russel cards is already a goat one , people
Care so much about card art and some stats that don’t do nothing in game


Vince sells packs bill Russell doesn’t it’s that simple. Lol