Goat of free card so far (excluding season reward too much grind)?

my vote goes to kyle lowry, got everything you need basically, clamps, range, qfs, curry slide


Chris Mullin is just a very good 3 and D guy.

I guess Otis Birdsong would probably be the best, but yea you had to be very lucky to get him.


Oladipo isnt much of a grind & he’s way better than Lowry

Don’t sleep on shareef but I think the answer here is mullin

really? oladipo has no range nor qfs and curry slide, so i really dont think you can run an offense through him
you can cook john stockton, curry and monta with lowry still lol

Sorry Nick Anderson gets my vote. Hes 2k MT thats free lol


hes goated, i like him more than mullin not gonna lie, regardless of an unlimited/triple threat online situation

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I like him more than Klay for some reason :thinking:


If we are excluding Curry and Griffin it is Mullin hands down with Birdsong second.

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im a pierce guy myself

yes exactly. i bought him bc of your reccomendation and i love him as a 3&d now

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Bro Im damn near about to start him lol

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nick usually plays better than klay but klay will get rolling sometimes and i cant replace him because of that

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Klay can score in bunches that is true.

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When Klay gets takeover it’s insane!

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exactly. ray ray is still the best takeover card ive used, i wish he wasn’t too expensive

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Definitely either Tyreke or Mullin.

Curry, Blake, Pierce

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No one in the current game is going to have the lasting power of that Curry. I don’t have him – wish I did – but damn I’ll be running into him prolly for another 4-5 more months. He’s like the spotlight Giannis from last year… too early to be that good.

That Lowry is extremely underrated. I used it all last season in TTO on and this season up until when I got Donovan Mitchell. Plus I believe it had gold dimer and floor general so it was great for a distributor as well.