GOAT Magic

How’s the upgrade to Magic from his old outdated Opal really noticeable? Why does nobody mention him much is it just his weird shot?

Pretty much, I feel the difference though. He got slashing takeover for me. Plus I run the Kareem duo. Better if you like driving and dishing.


What does it even boost since both cards are pretty much 99 everywhere some badge upgrades?

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I’m curious as well

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Goat version is a sniper and way better dunker. Most people who say it’s the same haven’t actually used the goat version.


His shot is unreliable for me. I switched back to Walton.

Agree with @ 508G37

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But do you know what gets boosted when using magic and Kareem duo? Aren’t the 99s across the board?

Just look em up on 2KDB and check off the duo mark to see the boosts

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GOAT Magic has trash defensive tendencies for some reason

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he was released before they started getting juiced

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Once 2K started throwing out max cards like candy, they needed to find some way to keep power-creep rising outside of attributes.

Credit to them, they got this exploitative shit down to a science.

Yeah, it boosts their stats to 99 everything.

KAJ too. Just horrible.

2K really dropped the ball not updating the tendencies on older players.

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this one is hardly noticeable tbh

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Kinda. I run him at pf since all I’m gonna do is score with him and Yao just grabbing the ball mid shot out of people’s hands is where I see it the most lol but when I looked at the numbers I was a little shocked.

I use him at Pf as well.
Both get 1-2 hof badges that are not important and some 1+, kareem some 2+.
Idk if you will notice the difference when you have a coach and maybe shoes on them.

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Kareems Rebound Tendencies are 8.
Seen crap like that before, Glitched Shaq had a 5.
I would say they do a lil bit better…

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I use Brad and some times doc. I got kerr and brooks too. Brooks is just there cause Idk only good post card. But doc gives good boost as well as stevens. I also find it weird that Yao doesn’t have relentless finisher HOF. I’m not sure what shoes to put on Yao. I bought him with the pink Nike handles and mid short shoe so that’s gotta go. With the newer cards the stats are kinda there but they should definitely go back and update old cards but that would cost them money and cost us nothing which is against the 2k code :crazy_face: