Goat James has the HEADBAND now!

@6thManSam Thanks :wink:


So the usa lebron should too?

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Just after I listed my original owner :frowning: I have regrets.

Don’t have him but someone better check that.

Best content of the day


MF’ers !

I just added +100k to your final price :cold_face: Best time to sell imo.

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I think @trala7 sold him already :grimacing:!

His price has went up some from what he was before the headband.

Anyone check USA Bron yet?

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Just looked. No headband on USA Bron smh

2K needed to make sure to lock that headband behind a huge VC pay gate smh. greedy bastards.


Now when u face my point guard on court, you’ll know I PAID PREMIUM to get him.


Should I wear the heat Jersey or the Lakers vibes. I feel the heat looks better

Heat obviously.

Am trying to get instant rage quits once they see both goat cards on the floor with invisibles backing them up.

Noone is quitting on next without playing 1q :sob:


We all want to see if we can stand up to the challenge up until there is a 50+ lead lol

Can we also get update on Tacko Fall’s hotzone? Thanks

I am glad they listened to the community and added Lebrons headband.

It only adds to my massive disappointment that they haven’t listened to the community all year and fixed the motherfucking servers