GOAT Giannis?

Multiple other comments like this by Ronnie and by 2K across IG. Get ready for Friday

Should give a free code of all his cards above pd to inv


Yeah what happened to good locker codes


So we will get a series 1 current Amy then?

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Above pd to his inv card ?

Oh I read it. Understood it. My comment was more of a commentary on how 2K will disappoint us all

Need these cards tomorrow

GOAT Giannis
DM Holiday
DM Lopez
DM Portis
DM Tucker
DM Pat
DM Thanasis


Giannis don’t deserve a goat card if we being honest. They said 5 they couldn’t predict bucks winning title. PG invincible more likely.

Nah he should actually get all 99 FREAK card ! Not many players can do what he did this series and especially coming back from an injury that seemed playoff ending . Guy is a monster and so humble about it too… true champion


“If” :poop:

I’d imagine we get PG Giannis, 99 everything, 70 plus badges (or a Goat card) with a new jumpshot (Exum or 98).

If they don’t give him a new jumpshot I don’t know what would make this new card that much different than the OOP or the invincible.

Exum base or flop

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GOAT pg giannis.
I think it would be cool if they did a whole invincible set for the bucks and it locked for GOAT Giannis who could run the 1
Hell they could even make up an excuse to throw in a GOAT Kareem sum how.

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How about 50 years since last Milwaukee chip?

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tomorrow shall get interesting i think

Friday packs goat kareem with pg inv or goat giannis ? Possibly bucks theme GOAT drop since last week was space jam themed ?

Need a GOAT PJ Tucker with Corner Specialist beyond Hall of Fame

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The next level of badges: All-Time. Should be applied to very few true greats of the game. Example: All-Time dimer badge on Magic Johnson, all-time posterizer on Vince Carter etc. Few best cards can have it and only one per card max. The very best thing that the very best did/do in the game.


By 2k22 everyone will have every badge