Goat Bron

For those that had Space Jam and the Goat y’all notice a difference?

I’m lowkey thinking of copping but idk if it’s a good time to buy will he drop below 550 with say the next promo?

i have both and the goat version feels quicker/shiftier. next btw

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You’ll notice the BIG difference if you look at his head :joy:. Goat James has the HEADBAND now!

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did they really added headband? lol. i guess its nice only reason i went with goat version is cos its heat

Yes the legendary item is in the inventory now :cold_face:

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Is it oh no I’m going bald I need a custom 5inch thick headband? Lol

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So how does Bron compare to all the other PGs out right now y’all think he’s worth 450-475?

I was trying to wait for a PG Goat Giannis but after trying his Invincible I wasn’t that big on his dribbles or jumper. I tried out Cade but I don’t like base 98. Bens jumper is too slow for me so thinking this Bron might be the move. I just don’t know if I should cop now or during the weekend. It seems prices go up on the weekend and even if we got super packs I don’t see him going below 400 what y’all think?