GOAT animations

What card in what game had the best specific anamations for you like for me it’s:

Post: 2k17 Yao Ming

Jumpshot: 2k17 Peja, he also had the best tap square step back thing

Dribbling: 2k19 Iverson

Rhythm dribble: 2k18 kobe, I would let him do his long through the legs then I would cross over and it blew by people every time.

Dunk: actually for me it was 2k18 pd harden

Oop animations: 2k17 c web

Passing: 2k18 pd harden

Ill just say Giannis behind the back and euro to get it out of the way
Also Spencer Haywoods 2k17s Post fade

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I’ll just go with 2k19:

Post: fade 4 (MJ)
Post hop: normal 4 (MJ)
Spin shot: normal 4 (MJ)
Jumpshot: base 49 (JR, Drazen)
Moving shot: athletic 2 (MJ)
Dribbling: Granger
Behind the back: Magic
Moving crossover: Giannis
Rythm dribble: Harden or Crawford
Dunk packages: Giannis, Drexler, Shaq. (I dislike flashy animations, always trigger at the worst possible time)
Layups: long athlete (Giannis and KD have them)

Dunk Package I’d say Grant Hill. Basic and not easily blocked

That’s why I didn’t like josh smiths dunking last year he would go for something crazy and get blocked

Myteam cards have multiple dunk packages, not all of those are just from signature packages.
I just went with the packages available in career.
Fortunately 3 players I named don’t have any too flashy dunks added to their cards.

All of Hedo’s animations are lethal

Amy Jimmy Butler defensive animations are something else

Whatever animations amethyst Rudy Gay has for dribbling, driving, layups, dunking, and post spins. They are perfect. 2k labs also rated his jumpshot base as #1 in their testing, but IMO Brandon Roy has the best jumpshot animation overall.

Giannis momentum cross over is easily the best in the game. Also his baseline layup animations

last years tmac had good everything

giannis driving spin is unguardable.

All in one: Pippen :innocent: & Hedo.

PD Shaq drop step into lightning fast nuts in your face dunk is great.

Kareems skyhook is unblockable too.