GOAT and Inv Packs


Pulled 4 Lillards in a 10 box. oof

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Pulled 2 CP3s, 2 Stocktons, a Timmy, a Zing, the Process and a GOAT…


Those are decent pulls much better than last years GOAT packs !

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from free challenge pack


W, amazing card!

So theres only 3 new cards on a friday? Even if it is the last shit 3 cards is bullshit. All these players that dont have usable cards and we getting a damn little ass guards.

Wait there are three short PGs as the new cards in ENDGAME while the limited lineup is basically SAPPHIRE level lineup. Cool.

Bruh I sold Invincible KG on Wednesday for 355K and now he’s 90K buy now :skull:. Love to see it, now that Invincibles are all gonna crash and we can get this cycle over with.

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They updated odds for non-deluxe packs… it says 33% to pull invincible… but looks like they forgot decimal separator - it should be 3.3%… out of 12 packs - 1 invincible :slight_smile:
and out of ~400k mt - may be 5 useless ones… on playstation.

Free pack gave me this.


GGs 2k I am going to use what’s left of my mt to rip packs, and then i’m out. Adios :partying_face:

You might be able to buy him with 600k, I wouldn’t count on packs to give you Bron

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u know what? Changed my mind. High risk, High reward. Gonna go out with a bang.

so how long is this season lol. Is this unlimited time to complete lol

Yep. This season lasts until the servers shut down

Initially, it said 937 days at the top

I got Stockton out of the locker code and Kareem out of the weekly challenge.

Stockton actually has great animations it’s just a shame that any PG under 6’6" is unusable at this point in the year.

I’ve never liked Kareem’s jumper in any 2K game and since the post is bad in '21 he’s only good for screening, dunking, and crashing on offense.

DRob is still my favorite center due to his smooth jumper.

Finally. Someone who gives John Stockton some respect. I’ve always been a fan of Stockton this year since the diamond and if you know what you’re doing, you can still cook with him.