GO Yao Ming discussion thread!

Mine has put Kyrie PE on and makes him have 79 speed(with coach)

He has 99 reb and 99 block/shot contest.

Are we stuck with rim/glass? Not sure it’s possible to get post without silver Jordan post control/fade shoes, or fade shoes + ruby coach.

Hate when they do that. Rim/glass sucks. Yao needs post.

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If anyone is using him and runs into a good Kareem/Admiral/Wilt user, let us know how he fares on defense. He seems like a god in the half court but at the same time he’ll get roasted in transition too often

I got lit up by a Pd Yao the other day with Drob and Kareem granted I won by 25 but I couldn’t guard his yaw to save my life this is trouble for everyone


One of the most annoying “post” moves I see people do with Yao is call post and keep switching ball hand left to right and right to left in the post over and over until you get close to the basket and then just shoot over almost anyone or do a dropstep and cheesy reverse layup on other side. Doesn’t even matter what the defenders strength is because the animation of switching hands advances him to the rim.

If they’re good at it, it’s annoying AF and tough to stop.


He can guard these centers no doubt! Just finished a game and he matched up with GO Kareem , no problems for me! :innocent:

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2k need to add post hook shoe

Against yao now. i’ll stream

How is his jumper? Easy to green? I really only shoot with my big men when wide open so slow (other than Ewing slow) doesn’t bother me.

Played 2 games with him earlier in MTU, I mentioned in another thread that he’s really good offensively and defensively but only in the half court. He’s fast for a Yao card but compared to the 90+ speed centers he gets toasted in transition and he’s weak in the PnR.

He has a smooth release very easy to green from everywhere and with gold limitless I was greening from just beyond the hash on trailing 3’s

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Yao is +/- 200k on xbox wtf?

Around 250k

He has Sabonis jumper

Just copped him…He’s a complete glitch and can guard 1-5 if you’re good

We getting my boy Yao on the cheap cheap.

He has Sabonis’s jumper???

Saw one for 195k another for 205k 5 minutes ago. Now he is ~250k


Packed him twice, hopefully his price stays up on PC

I might have to cop…