GO Worthy Owners Advice

Yall im well over 1.3 mil and still need to lock about 3 more HCs. Nothing is locked in yet so I could aiways sell back but that would be well over 500+ players to sell back. Should I say fuck it and get him and be broke or is it out of hand at this point.

Never thought he would cost me this much but was trying to enjoy him for a few months before all the crazy cards drop. What price tag would you guys put on him.

Hes good but wait for better moments like one that has multiple PDs and diamonds that’s when they’re at their cheapest

Tough to put an exact price on him but he’s the best offensive card in the game IMO & effectively guards his position (1-4) and can contest 5s.

Another positive to locking for him is you’ll be stacking tokens for the next GO that will enter the market

Up to you, but he’s really fun & dominant


If he were on the AH, I’d say he would be about 700-800k. Granger is 500k, and worthy is basically just an improved version of granger.

Max I would go is 1 mil.

I mean the 3 collections i need only need like 6 or 7 players to complete.

Nah if he was on auction depending on his pull rate he’d def be in the millions

I’m trying to tackle HC now, decided to go for broke. I got some really solid pulls that helped the cause and hoarding MT got me nowhere last season.

MT will be $5 per 100K in a few months


You got him?

Yeah if he was super rare, but the comparable cards that will be coming out in anniversary packs will probably settle at like 500k since the pull rate is decent. None of those cards will have base 11 though.

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I think Durant & Lebron will be higher than 500k

No, I have the MT to lock and get him, but it would leave me with only about 200k. I can’t bring myself to do it for the 1.5 mil it would cost me atm.


Lol right I can’t wait

I think I am going to go thru with it. Just will have to wait to pick up AD in a few weeks. Ill just be broke and grind my MT and tokens back up.

What card in annis will be comparable to a 6’9 Demi god with 16 hof badges and all the cheesy animations

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It’s worth it to me since I’ll be getting Webber and Worthy at the same time

I probably have like 3 million in the summer last year didn’t matter at all.

This HC grind is tough though pretty sure I’m competiting with some of your guys on bids :joy:


None, but lebron is my favorite player so I’d rather save and get his card even if worthy is technically better.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if 2k does some crazy shit and drops a PD granger later on with all the HOF shooting badges though. They’ve seen the hype over base 11.

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Yea im in the same boat. But if I can dominate with for 2-3 months is what im thinking. I can get my MT back to 500k+ in 2-3 months. Also GO Kobe/Lebron is still months away too.

Only thing I refuse to do is buy Gold historics, impressed by the price fixing

Yeah if you can make the MT back it’s proabably worth it. He’ll be usable the entire cycle, and will be dominant until at least April.