GO Wilt with 87 3 ball and bc with 87 swb Prime II lock?

I would rather have this than Shaq tbh. He’s more deserving of a crazy ass card and would be so OP in comparison. Imagine him with HoF RE and Quickdraw.


if it’s muscle wilt, yes. prime series one wilt, nah

Give us beefy Wilt or give us death


Shaq would be my guess that can speed boost.

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Wilt is still a Pakistani kabob seller. Pass

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Damn I thought this was a real thing when I clicked the thread


Yea there’s some serious bait with the thread title.


Isn’t there already a speculation thread going :face_with_monocle:

What does that even mean


Wilt in-game does not look like in-real-life Wilt Chamberlain. He much more accurately resembles someone from the Indian sub-continent. Add humor, instant confusion


YES! 2K please make it happen


Lmao u right

The title has a question mark, pal.

You didn’t need to comment if you didn’t want to. Appreciate your input though. :smirk:

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Idc about how he looks if he plays like a demigod. :man_shrugging:t2:


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I did want to though. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have. I’m confused

You didn’t add anything to the conversation imo…that’s all. Why come into my thread and mention another possible thread? There was no need for it. I’m confused by your motives.

Literally to let you know that there is another thread with speculation on this exact topic. Just in case you were uninformed. Similar to the last time that you got defensive when all I did was let you know that Michael Malone also gives 3pt boosts to PF’s when you said that Stotts is the only one. You were mistaken, I corrected/informed you, you got defensive.

87 3ball and 99 speed and 99 accell 95 LatQ

About time wilt gets a godly card
better than other centers in fact, most centers.

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