GO wilt shoe?

Just wondered what shoe you guys run on him

I’ll have him sometime this week and trying to plan ahead

I know @MagicJ runs white Kobe

Don’t remember what you run @star5CR34M

Thanks everyone!

White Kobe’s the 3 boost is a must

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I’ll be getting him within the week as well and I’m almost certain I’ll be going with white kobes. All he really needs is a boost to 3, and max out steal, accel and fade don’t hurt


D’Antoni is a must with Wilt if you want to shoot 3s. And is the best coach anyway.

Looking at the stats, nothing else could use an upgrade, so it’s 3pt shoes anyway.
Since D’Antoni gives him 99 speed, white kobes are a no-brainer.
Also increases accel and steal to 99.


I run dantoni :wink:

If a PD Moments Drop.
I’ll get Go Wilt through HC.
Though I’m yet torned on who to get as of the Moment.

White Kobe’s by FAR the best for him, it was the easiest shoe decision I had


White Kobes + D’antoni = 99 speed, 99 accel, 99 steal, 74 open 3


Waiting a few weeks still feel like they may throw an Opal Oscar in there

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White Kobe AD

No debate, no other shoe fits better for him, nada

Take those or don’t take any really


I used his diamond for a long while, but 6’5 guard with a slow release?
Hell no. Not for 750 tokens.
I don’t care if they give him 20 hof badges, hof shooting badges are useless with slow releases.

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I’m all about Oscar!

They changed Worthy’s release, wouldn’t be surprised if they sped up Oscars

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Just need his fade and defense. Would also be nice to run someone other than Magic.

White Kobe AD for sure, I’m shooting 64% from 3 while averaging 4 attempts per game with him


His Diamond has 4100+ attributes. I can’t even imagine what his GO would be like. Probably 20-ish HOF badges and maxed out stats almost across the board. Would be the most well-rounded of the GOs, and if you used him right it’d be unstoppable.

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He was a reward last season and not a huge pack seller, makes sense that he could be next.

Hope for GO Oscar but I fear a GO Jerry West could be on the horizon with the lakers theme. I’d think though they would put a player in the mix that players want to spend tokens on which makes me lean towards Big O

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I’m about having fun with my line ups, so in for Oscar

I’ll wait for march and decide :innocent:
Hopefully the Next Go Reward will be on March!


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I’m going to pick up wilt, lock up heat check sets when cheaper and should have enough for another Galaxy Opal :sunglasses:

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