GO Wilt, a shooter?

How do you guard him? Dude was legit pulling up on me with GO Wilt and dude was fucking WET. My only question is fucking how?

Wilt literally came down and put 12 point up in consecutive possessions on 3balls with him…

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Wilt has a 65 open shot 3 so with a Diamond 3 Point shoe + Coach Boost he can have up to a 75 open shot 3. Not to mention 2K gives leeway to people who know their timing rather than rating anyway.

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He was bringing it down court with him and hitting it on the pull up, is 2k that biased towards timing this year ?

Yeah pretty much. People can green 3s with Amy Giannis. If you know the player’s jumpshot you can make most shots.


2k works on a “green window” this year, every shot can literally be greened it’s just the window is either bigger or smaller depending on rating and/or position on court. If you’re great at timing you can green from anywhere with anyone as @PopThieve said


To piggy back on what @OzzyMamba said the reason why Granger, AK47, and Hedo are so good is because their jumpshot base has the the biggest green window in the whole entire game


Base 11 yeah?

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Yeah. Crazy good jumpshot. I tested the jumpshot with my 91 overall MyCareer Center and was greening with a 55 open shot 3.

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Damn! I need to change my jumper asap hahaha

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