GO Walt Frazier animations

I was hoping he’ll have fast momentum but he doesn’t :confused:

Gilbert is still the best small pg

His moving rhythm dribble is super trash

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Thanks bro.

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Why do you prefer the fast momentum?

Just speed for comboing?

I kinda like the slow one bc it seems easier to trigger it, but I’m not that good at dribbling

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fast momentum is better for crabbing and just getting open for the 3 in general…there’s no benefit at all to having the slow momentum except ease of use

Also 6’4 is when you’re able to dribble fast like a stage play sharp

I think tony parker is the closest I can get to a stage play sharp but I have to test that out

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looks like weight determines how fast u can dribble…sidney moncrief dribbles faster than tony parker


Probably why Trae Young is so fast

gary payton might be better than arenas…he dribbles like a stage guard


Damn you got that opal too? LOL

It has base 11 right?

not sure but it’s faster than base 11 on normal speed…so it’s faster than worthy’s and ak47’s for example

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His defense is godly

98 low post D and 80 strength for a pg damn

I was looking at his contested 3 tendency: 35

So pretty good

But on 2kMTCentral it says Walt Frazier is ZERO! I dunno if that’s correct but he would be drilling base 11 in everyone’s face so easy

Yea I noticed Walt’s tendencies too but his animations are :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

I have yet to use him in a game

I’m getting one more opal

Wanted Walt for the culture

You don’t like his dribbling?

nah his animations are best for driving but that’s what I have mj and other bigger guys for…gary payton is different and can play a role that I don’t have

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I was planning on picking him up next- now it’s definite.