GO Tony Parker dribbles

He has the same rhythm dribble, sizeup, moving sizeup, and lateral hesi as James Worthy

Also has the fast version of momentum dribble but cannot do the best momentum spin

If you ever wanted to know what dribbling with Worthy is like, just imagine Tony Parker at 6’9”

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Using him in the all PG tourney. He’s pretty fun for 8k.

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Yeah he would be nice for that tourney no doubt!

His release isn’t bad either.

I like his jumper a lot

It’s too bad he’s so small

They should have done something to make small guards more playable

Given them better tear drop or scoop layup animations or something. I dunno what.

Tony Parker irl shot an amazing fg% in the paint

Dude was a finisher

Tony has something very close to Jimmy Butler’s release

It’s nice

small guards are playable if they have great releases (curry, gary, arenas)

Oh definitely Arenas

I actually play him as the second unit sg on my endgame squad

He’s a top 10 card in the game to me

No substitute for the ability to get off 3s that quickly

I shoulda unlocked Payton over Frazier :neutral_face:

lol didn’t I warn you enough that he stinks


Oh well

If I could do over again I’d lock Payton, Pettit, and Mikan instead of Frazier, Butler, and Embiid

At least Frazier can be kinda fun. I like the play/lock takeover for the fun factor.

Embiid is just worthless. Never sees the court for me.

Mikan isn’t all that…he’s too stocky to get blowbys on cpu just like ad

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Scalabrine feels that way to me

Stocky and slow

he’s godly for me…great dribbles and release…he can do everything

I’m like the only person on here that doesn’t like him I think

His SWB bothers me too much

But he does have lots of good animations

Solid all around

I thought I was the only one who liked TP this year

Quick dribbles…nice inside game esp contested layups


Gotta tear drop with Tonny P :smile:


Yeah those work but there’s something about those windy contact layups that make me go oooooowwwwwwwwwwww

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Is Kyrie model bigger than Parker?

Idk let me line my midgets up and check…


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