Go to post move?

Post stepback into the drive. Gets them every time.


Post spin baseline into spin fadeaway also works because they always assume I’m going for a dunk.

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How do u do this?

Post hook w Magic. Post fade w Tim Duncan. Drop Step w Mutombo.

Drop step

I like to post spin into a pump fake under the bucket, then standing dunk. I also enjoy the turbo back down with Kareem, doing the push off, and then doing a standing poster. Faders and hook shots are a lot of fun too, of course.

Post spin dunk, little bump and post fade or the good ol drop step

Asked this in a different thread, but no one answered. Hope it’s not a secret, but how do you do the push off animation in the post?

Oscar with the shimmy fade-away

Post up and back up towards the wing then switch shoulders and post spin towards the hoop for easy dunks. I usually start with that and mix in 3pt plays that initiate at the wing to keep people guessing.

Or post spin into a fade. Sometimes when I’m on the break with melo I’ll get right to the paint and hit a post fade really quick. Works since people think I’m goin for a layup

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Yea u taught me that from the melo video, shit is OP lol


Hop step!!!:yum:

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