Go to post move?

What’s yours?

I like to bully my way down low and use the hook, post or post dunk. Also like to mix in some post fades after shoulder faking a couple times.

Up&under since everybody expect the post fade.


That’s why I mix in the fade after establishing the muscle.

I use the post step back the most. Oscar and Gugliotta both create a lot of space.

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The post dunk is key. Otherwise they go up like weaklkngs.

Googs is insane. I have the red melo Diamond shoe on him with Dantoni so he has 99 mid and 98 post fade I believe. It’s almost always green.

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Drop step

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Give the defender a couple hard bumps and then go right into the dropstep on the last one, pump fake (1-3 if needed) and then dunk or layup on whichever side of the rim is most open. Or the good ol post fade if the interior feels more locked down.

I love the drop step, but if you don’t trigger the post dunk it’s always a bullshit high contest weak ass layup up miss even with KAJ. It pisses me off.


How do you trigger a dunk?

Post spin the baseline for me, will have to pass out if the animation seems like it’s going wide but drives on the baseline are super hard to contest imo

Post spin into a post step back works really well too. Always catch my man jumping.


While holding the post trigger once close to the rim its turbo and up on both of the sticks.

Post spin baseline always my initial set up move.

Drop step is my 2nd fav move. After that, I can usually fade for days.

Drop step with a pump fake. Bucket or foul with a shorter defender.

Drop step all day especially once a better Shaw comes out game over

Still don’t know how to post hook on absolute

Right stick 10oclock for left hand and 2oclock for right

My go to would probably be the shimmy fade

What @Simon said but also make sure you aren’t moving the left stick in any direction, you’ll do a post layup instead