GO Tmac top 3 card?

Thoughts ?

Not even close.


ass stepbacc and his jumper is meh for me

Personally I think he’s the best SG card in the game, nobody hits limitless 3s for me like TMac and he kicks MJ’s animations’ ass. Top 3 altogether I wouldn’t say, but definitely the best SG card imo.


Nah, his strength and low post defense hold him back a little, and he doesn’t have any one particular thing he does better than other elite cards.

hell nall

I like tmac cards but the only thing they seemed to make different was adding hof defensive badges from his PD, everything else wasn’t that big of a upgrade, so no, not a top 3 card

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Who is in your top 3’s?

Great card, not hte best.

Too many other cards that can do the same thing

Nope. Tmac in 2k gets by on reputation. He not the only cat with limitless range anymore.

PG13 slightly better but tmac still a nice card. Plays better defensively than he did in myteam past but his offensive output isn’t as unique as it used to be

Not a fan but Pd Tatum cause more trouble.

TMac plays point better than PG13 imo. Also I like TMacs release better. He also finishes at the rim well although PG13 does too, but TMac has a slight advantage there imo. Other than that they are either tied or PG13 is better, especially in his defense and certain dribble moves like his behind the back.

No way , he doesn’t do nothing special , average D … average dribbling , slow release , meh

Shaq, Giannis and Simmons is the top 3 imo.

Tmac is the top SG though not counting Limited cards. Card is godly.


Mine are shaq,bird and worthy


I would say, not counting 99s everything
GO Lebron
Idk who would be 3rd, I guess Shaq

I never can understand when people say they don’t like Tmacs release.

By far one of the easiest to green for me, more greens than not.

Im a fan of quicker jumpers like base 11 too, but his trey burke release is so smooth.

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I got opal mello over him

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