GO TMAC be better than GO MELO at SG Position? 🤔

I’m about to sell GO melo and wait for GO tmac :thinking:

Maybe if they give him three point plays. It’s been straight up murda with Melo at SG for me, though.

At this point, I feel like TMac would be my backup, but then I’d have to dump Jordan. Can’t see that happening, either.

Maybe in defense right??
I don’t particularly focus on my guards as my gameplay focuses on the bigmen.
Also I was killing with PD melo but can’t do it with the GO. PD Tmac jumper is great for me though.

PD Melo was better for you than the Opal? Wow.

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Just the jumper more consistent :smile:

Tmac pg, melo sg. GG


I’ve found the results to be the exact opposite. This Opal is a fucking savage. Every once in awhile, he’ll brick a couple, but sometimes he’ll make 10 in a row, too. Plus, he’s just a beast in the post. Such a fun card.


If they gave melo 3 or plays I can bet my ass they give tmac 3 or plays too. Melo prob better at the 2 due to strength and frame

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they made melo crazy on d cuh


Thanks guys I’ll give melo another run later :smile:
Might be far fetched to give tmac dstopper right???

fucc no look at melo

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If they did, that might change my mind. It’s the only thing Melo is missing.

You are right. I might sell melo today and decide when tmac comes :smile:

Melo with that sharp take over is so fun. Most player i’ve scored with with takeover activated

Hahaha yeah GG bro melo is godly

What do you think of Bird? I like him better than Melo.

He is my SF he will not leave my line up till the game ends :smile:

Same and I had no intention of keeping him. Melo just didn’t do it on defense for me, even tho his GO has good defense, and like you I found his shot to be inconsistent.

Yes he is inconsistent for me. But tmac’s jumpshot is great bean.
I might stick to where I am comfortable with :smile:

Yea that’s how I am with KD. This may be wishful thinking but I think we get GO Klay, KD, Steph this week in the throwbacks.