GO Siakam worse than PD




Haha so stupid

Theyre not even trying haha

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They probably forgot the 98 exists, no biggie.

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Ppl still going to buy because of the color they don’t check​:rofl::rofl:

It’s cause the MIP opal is gonna be godly

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Objection- speculation!

Russell isn’t even close, only thing going for him is all star nod.

bruh, what even is this

Dangelo Russell is going to win imo. Didnt they vote before the playoffs even started? Even tho i would rather see a siakam card

i can see DLo winning and at the same time i can see siakam winning

2k is skandalous for this man :rofl:

This has me convinced at least two people do the cards. You’d have to be high af to forget you just made a 98 two weeks ago and make a 99 worse. The card art looks like two different people as well. Look at the finals cards, GO pettit vs some of the others. Or the two PD Pascal’s that look nearly identical.


Russell didnt improve a lick defensively. Pascal improved his whole game added an elite post game and perimeter shooting. Its a no brainer man. Russell had a great year dont get me wrong. But i cant see the league giving the award to someone who got busted for smuggling weed into an airport…

Like smoking weed is cool and fine. But getting caught smuggling in an airport is a huge no no

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll wait for his MIP.

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I feel like this is so much bs we should try and get this the most liked thread on here. They need to fix this card. Don’t try and repackage a new siakam in two more weeks wtf lol

Please no more Siakam cards.

Hopefully Cedi Osman or Derrick Rose wins.

hell don’t even release a opal siakam then, tricking people into getting hyped this time so blatant wit it :joy:

i recently found out because i packed him and was hyped like damn this dudes about to ball out. let me check stats… oh wait lmao. then is see this was already posted.