GO Redemption Time

GO Redemption Time

Ready to Redeem for another GO. Any thoughts to who I should grab or just hold and wait? Rice should be in the team next few days. Can’t see myself going much further in Collector Level. At 1750 and got the 300 tokens. Worth selling cards off or go for Jalen and the 100k?

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DRob would be the one if ur gonna get one.

and please for the love of god don’t sell a single card to get to Jalen. Rubies are better than that trash card


I was on the fence about 2 weeks ago about whether or not to go for scottie after getting the 300 tokens mark, but it’s now a no-brainer to sell off everything.

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lol, I meant to keep going as Jalen is along the way and the 100k for the next to Collector Levels, Can’t see myself getting to Pippen, Wade or AD. I know Jalen is trash but I’m hesitant to hold all these cards for no reason and get my MT back up?

so you’re saying put in the work to get Pippen then sell off?

Pip’s a good card but he’s not worth it alone anymore either. It’s wade or nothing imo

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Leaning towards D-Rob, but is he still worth it if I have Hakeem and Wilt?

Cheers for all advice guys, appreciate it:)

No, I’m saying since the Takeover Reward Pippen is out, it’s stupid to even go for the collector one.

You might end up saving MT going for the Takeover one + you get Giannis.

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aha, good idea mate. thanks

Did they ever update Jalen?

Sorry to bump guys, but since we’ve had a token update is D-Rob still the best one to redeem?

Drob would beef up your center position for sure. Eaton is special defensively, but Biceps can do it all from the paint and don’t believe the hype on HOF Steady Shot.

2K labs said 5% hit to wide open and 12% boost to contested.

With the Evo he would be great off the bench. Better than Gasol for sure.

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I’m leaning towards Pettit. Looks amazing and good to throw in my SF spot?? And Amare is one of my favorite players and looks great as well at PF??? Too many choices!!!

I think Pettit’s GO last year was more beastly but this ones not bad. As soon as I saw him I had to redeem.

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