GO Petit

I already have Worthy and have to decided between him and Wilt , but I ve been very effective with Oden and Sabonis , and I really want an new Hakeem or the admiral to take my 5 spot until the end , so I pick Petit .
My opinion about him , it’s he just a shooter ,
I ve been playing a lot with him and I will give my review

Best shooter In the game , he hit a lot of contested shots , very deep 3s with his base 11 his shots are very difficult to contest and he have that high release point .
Perfect shooter so far , the best for me in the game .
His leaner it’s not like AK , but very nice , very easy to time fade 3 s plus HOF difficult shots and limitless . Shooting OP

Ball handling : he doesn’t have the animation to create offense or be the ball handler , very slow dribbling animations .
Besides that I like his size up , only to set a pick to drive or shoot the 3.

Post game - don’t have the animations to be an god at the post , but he is effective , specially if you run him at the 2

Driving - iam surprised with him at this area , he have good and effective at animations when he goes to the basket , he feels athletic and acrobat and I ve shoot very good percentagens with him inside

Rebounding - i ve test him at the 3 and 4 , he doesn’t grab boards like the stats and suggest .
At the 4 he feels so small , even at the 3 , PG and KL look way bigger side by side with him .
This hurt a lot .

Defense - not elite , but very very good , at the 4 I ve been ripping a ball very often , even against GO Blake .

I can play this card at the 4 , against almost every card in the game , can be a mismatch with his speed against a lot of pf besides GO Blake and Malone .
At the 3 he feels nice too , maybe the best position to him it’s the 2 but I like my two guard to create his own shot and not simply be and off ball player on offense .
Iam surprised with his shooting , it’s crazy good , I don’t know if that is for being a new card in the game .

I think that Worthy and wilt still better cards to choose , but this card feels very nice too .


I am still torn between ai and him. tbh. I might go with ai for my 2nd unit but then I want petit so i can have an all opal starting 5.

Who’s better - Worthy or Wilt for you?

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Worthy ,
Specially if you like to iso.
Park dribble animations ,
Better post game ,
More flashy dunking animation (can cause more misses , but I love them :joy:)
Better hop shots , jabs etc !
On the defense I don’t know , Worthy have defense stopper but Petit feels very good too on the D .

Petit better shooter

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Great review, this helps a lot!

I would be taking him very much for the shooting ability, base 11 and HOF Limitless Range and wouldn’t probably post up with him a ton. So maybe he’s a good option for me.

Yes ,
He stretch the floor like crazy !
He have base 11 and limitless it’s very difficult to contest (i ve been playing with this new patch ) the D have to play very close to him , and give so much space to operate on the court

If the best possible position for your PF is the 2 then what does that say about the quality he brings to the PF position?

Thanks for the honest review. If I were to chose any of the new opals, it would be AI. He’s the one I grew up watching and admiring. Maybe I’ll be able to get him before the game is over.


Yeah, my mind says Pettit, but my heart says A.I.

Given that I’ll have 3k tokens eventually, I think I’ll go with my heart first. :slight_smile:


Who would you compare Pettit’s feel while dribbling the with? Can he do the momentum behind the back dribble?

unfortunately the way this game is build encourage people to play PF at the 2 position .
I will not do it , but , he still fine at 4 …
He have the defense to not be bullied at the 4 and have the speed to cause problems at his natural position .
Specially when you call him to pick and fade situation , he can launch a 3 very fast if the D don’t step up you simple go to the basket . He can be an problem
From severa bigs in triple threat position , base 11 is a very fast release .
But no , he will not grab a lot of boards or protect the rim very well .
Still effective but not spectacular at the 4

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I ve too think ,
His crossovers are terrible .
Yes he can do it , but Don’t have thr Rythm dribbles to combo with

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He doesn’t have that pop out step back animations too , they are so useful for base 11 guys

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So hard to choose between Worthy and Pettit tho… Tough call!

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Yes follow your heart , iam regret a little bit .
AI should be amazing to play with

Worthy it’s more fun too play , you can do every kind of offense game with him .
But this guy it’s with doubt the best shooter in the game , maybe until the end

I’m definitely a shoot first kinda guy. Probably means Pettit for me.

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Ahah If counts for Anything , Petit doesn’t have any swag on the court :joy:
He it’s on the court to make his mission , shoot the lights out while the others to do the dribbles , playmaking , crazy dunks etc ahah

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In an ideal world I’d have A.I. for the dribbling and Pettit for the shooting :slight_smile:

I don’t know well AÍ animations , but worthy …
Fuck he dribble
Like an god .
He can spin jumper , do hop jumpers , step back jumpers etc !
This game doesn’t even make sense :joy:
He is a 6 9 dribble god , with a godly post game and incredible shooter.
Yes and he can drive like anyone and run the floor “almost “ like Giannis

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