GO MJ price tanking hard


All sig series crash hard, it is the universal law of MT.

I’m convinced they juice the pull rate at end of week to crash prices.


Told yall.

People were paying 1.5 million - 800 k for this card.

Keep on dropping baby.

Having that Limited lottery ticket is keeping these packs open even though everyone has Opal MJ.

Genius idea by 2k.


Will rise again

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Considering to get one around 500k to be my future backup sg if possible.

Love this card just wanted to say that lol


Who’s your starting back court?

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Awesome to hear that. I’m hoping to pick one up after I smash Veronica Thursday evening. Think that’s too long to wait for price to keep dropping?

position preserved for GO Kobe.


He’ll prob be cheapest when new promo comes out, if we get one that is

Just Saturday he rose to 1 million again.

Just debating on when to strike.

Starting point?

But the price will probably rise again once pack is done. It is the endgame version of MJ. Everyone will want him on their team finally and I can’t see a new one will come.

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Just wait the next either kobe or Lebron will tank him hard… and I’m all for it rather have an op jordan than Lebron or kobe

Magic but definitely can move MJ to starting point. No GO Giannis for me…

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I moved mj at the point and he’s killing it for me


But the only problem is that the normal GO Kobe or Lebron will still have HOF limitless which is not in MJ’s case.

Is he that much better than pd grant hill? I have the PD MJ already

Got mines for 560k

Ken… animations… that’s the thing grant will never have, even if jordan is contested he somehow makes the layup on some dumb animation

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