GO Math: Need to lock almost everything?

I haven’t locked a set this year and need ~1200 tokens for my first GO.

I didn’t keep up with throwbacks so that leaves current (600) and heat check (750) just getting me over the threshold.

Even with the market as low as it is that’s a big MT sink. Worthy doesn’t seem quite as shiny.

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Heat checks aren’t in packs anymore so I’m assuming those expensive ones that were 10-20k are even higher now…

You could lock half and grind half

Also historical should be cheaper now since all the players are pullable from throwback packs… less tokens but also cheaper… id do current and throwbacks to get your check marks towards 3000 tokens then whatever other opals at end game you can just pick up

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Lock the Current & Historics.
Grind the Rest.
Sell Heatchecks could give you a big amount of MT

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People have been saying Worthy not worth it for 4 months.

Still the best card in the game.


I’m in a similar boat OP.

600 token out with no historics or heat check locked and about 1M MT.

Definitely going to grind at least 200 of those through TT offline though

Just unlocked wilt with 730 cards so far and no set unlocked with 580k mt. Will spend for the 250 tokens collector level with having around 220 tokens and just grind tto for the next GO. I don’t like base 11 so will prob wait for another batch since I don’t think I’ll be able to earn enough tokens for a 3rd GO

Lock in the '19 set first. Cost me about a million MT but I got a lot of tokens. Heat Checks are very expensive only worth it if you don’t plan on buying cards with MT. Throwbacks are expensive too. Don’t listen to people saying their value going down, those cards still going up for like 5-6K apiece in auction house some cards more than that

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If the current '19 set costs 1 milly to lock and that’s only half of a GO…throwbacks and heat checks are even pricier.

I think it probably makes sense to just keep stacking tokens until I have enough for the GO or I give up and blow them in the token market.

I’m trying to stay away from sunk costs in this version of 2k.

I’ve only got 80 towards my first go.

I have 11 teams of the 19 collection still left to lock (have all but one or 2 players on each team).

I feel discouraged as shit. I have 1.7 million MT and I’m thinking I’ll get more value seeing what comes out in packs. I’ll grind and snipe but no way is one opal worth locking in mt in a bunch of shitty cards. I’d rather buy TMac for an opal

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You are that close? Close out 4 sets and you are there. Or just do a couple and grind on TTO offline for a couple hours for another 20-30.

Sorry I guess I worded it confusingly.

I have only 80 tokens right now. So 670 tokens to go until my first GO

same boat, but I have all but 5 of the currents locked and nothing else locked besides jerseys.

My plan is to try and get like 20 tokens a day on offline TT and pick up some more from locker codes along the way.

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I hate offline TT so bad. I never get tokens on my boards in TTO, so I guess I’m starting the offline grind… I hate offline TT more than Schedules, so I probably won’t last long lol.

It’s not too bad. I use it to practice some moves occasionally and get my releases down. Lately I’ve mastered the AK behind the back Hesi fading three. It’s an automatic open contest against cpu defenders so it’s helped me add another tool against off ballers.

Other times I just put playoff basketball on or the Joe rogan podcast and just screen cheese

Just grind Triple threat offline. If you are only 1200 away, you can get 18 tokens an hour just by playing Triple threat offline.

Because I am in the same boat I need about 950 more tokens to get a Galaxy Opal, I already spent a million MT locking in the '19 set. Im done spending anymore MT on tokens screw that. Im just playing TTO and not even really playing all that much maybe like 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there getting about 18-24 tokens a day. I have a bad blister on my thumb so Im taking it easy but if I went all out, I could easily get like 100 tokens a day from TTO

1200 tokens ÷ 18 tokens/hour = 66.6 hours.

Bad omen, my friend.

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Well, 66 hours really isn’t as long as you think. If you play triple threat for even just 2 hours a day, you will have your Galaxy Opal Reward in a month