GO Manu Ginobili

Maaaaaane what a fun card

Not elite by any means so don’t @ me saying he’s trash

Has decent dribbles

Funky post fade and shimmies with awkward form but works well (shimmy and hop especially)

Great Euro dunks

Weird release with a hitch at the top that is super GREEN BEAN city once you get used to it

And great moving shot release to bomb moving 3s

Been giving people the sauce with him in TTO

Don’t think I’ve ever played against anyone running him

Does he still have the euro where he goes behind the back? It’s good in some situations, but I end up getting blocked a lot.

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Loved his pink diamond in the beginning of the year. Super fun dribble package and elite moving shot. I bet the GO takes it to another level


Loved his PD card played sooooo long with it.

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Yeah he can do that into a dunk!

Looks amazing but can definitely get blocked

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Really wish that Duncan duo was with Manu rather than Parker. I run the GO in TTO often to mix things up. His moving shot is so easy to green, i abused it endlessly with the PD in beginning of year.


Moving shot is really good

Timing is kinda like Birds (one of my faves)

Ooo, a duo with Timmy would have been nice. Manu was a 6th man though so…bleh.

PD manu ginobili was goat.

PD ginobili was one of my favorite cards for a very long time. It still is pretty fun to use and so is the GO, but the go’s defense still isn’t good enough to make elite teams unfortunately. His leaning shot is easily the best in the game IMO.

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He can get sharp/playmaker takeover as well—insanely fun to break ankles then drain the 3.

Lmao is this the new mchale


Nah he’s not an absolute beast like The Principal aka The Tutor aka The Educator aka Dry Rub

Manu’s just fun with the leaners and funky post shots

You can run him with Dirk for the all time awkward shot team haha