GO Lonzo Ball 27 hofs on PS

… ends at ~7:30pm pacific.

Hold on let me go take out a loan lol

Jesus have you not sold like 3 or 4 players with close to 30 hofs already ? Lol how ? Just how.? And why are u sellinf them in the first place ? Since MT is clearly not an issue

Was checking if his badged version is much better that his “basic”. Im still keeping naked Lonzo for occasional play :slight_smile:
Plus it had less than 30 badges - less than
my current mininum :)))

How much he go for?

How much MT do you actually have ? Jesus Christ lol

sold for about 800k

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Usually somewhere between 4 and 8 :wink:

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4-8 million ? You must buy packs , please tell me you buy packs lol

Occasionally :wink: - as temporary replacement for Las Vegas trips. Anyway I decided to replay remastered version of Uncharted - 2k is getting really boring nowadays - no offline content and defense is becoming useless.

I’m pumped for the movie. Although I would have preferred Nathan Fillion than Marky Mark

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Totally agree about Nathan - liked his youtube uncharted video

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See im totally out of touch with current actors lol , never even heard of this guy ur talking about lol used to love marky but he’s sold his soul a while back and now just a shell of himself imo

You ever see the movie Slither?

Dude was in Firefly - many still consider it as one (if not the best) of the best sci-fi shows


If ur asking me,no I have not , if it’s not for me , sorry I’m an oldhead that doesn’t know how to use the internet :slight_smile:

Lol yea was trying to give you a reference to go off of for Nathan. Also a classic movie

There we go , sci Fi was never a genre I chased after , mainly because when I immigrated to North America at about 17 years old , I thought shows like star trek etc were the most useless and dorky shows I’ve ever heard of, no such shows had any traction whatsoever in Europe at the time , outside of a small niche community , so I just wasn’t hip to it I guess , I didn’t mind star wars tho, but the extended shows with sci Fi spin just weren’t my cup of tea, plus in my time it could’ve gotten in the way of trying to get laid , and that was an automatic big red cross for me lol

Was super hero type movie by chance ? If so, I have some hazy , faint memory of it, but I never watched it