GO Lebron Takeovers

Comment what takeovers you have with different shoes and coaches

With diantoni and no shoe he has lock/slash

LeBron Southbeach + Dantoni = playmaker/slasher
LeBron Southbeach + Kerr =

Can you check with Pop?

This is conflicting. It was reported that D’Antoni and the South Beach is lock/slasher. Are you checking online or offline?

Offline , sorry. But I had playmaker slasher in online tto with dantoni too so yeah :man_shrugging:t2:


Southbeach + Pop = Slasher/Lock


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I need to know if there’s any way to get sharp with a defensive coach?

Any way to get sharp/slash with diantoni???

This is both on and offline for me

Anyone find slash/lock for d’antoni online? Or anything with lock

Naked with diantoni is slash/lock

Still slasher/lockdown with Stevens and 99 open 3. Probably can’t be changed.

Anyone try black striped Adidas?

Can he wear anything other than Nike?

GO Limited is Sharp/Slash w/ D’Antoni.

Man I want to get that limited so bad lol

He is fun. Nothing else can be said. Everything he does on the court triggers some kind of HOF Badge. It’s kinda hilarious.

Thing is I have to ruin myself to get him lol, even if my team would still be excellent but I’d lose alot

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