GO LeBron Takeover badges

Guys need some help here… Does anyone know what combo of coach/shoe, will get LeBron SLASHER takeover??

I currently have him equipped with Adidas Crazylight Boost 3 pt shoe. So far I have tried the following coaches with this shoe.

(All the above gave Sharp Takeover)

Popovich gave Lockdown takeover.

I know it’s possible because I saw it on TyDeBo gameplay video yesterday.

It looks like Nick Nurse on the sidelines, and TBH, I think LeBron was shoeless, if that makes a difference.

You gotta take that 3pt shoe off. And get something boosting lay up and driving dunk. If u boost his 3pt he gunna get sharp for sure

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That’s what I figured…thanks bro. He had this shoe when I bought him. I wonder if one of the new shoes would allow him to have sharp OR Slasher depending on coach…

Having no shoe will probably change it tbh. But some of the new ones probably will help get different combos too

I just took the Adidas off and put a gold pair to do some testing, that boost speed w/ ball, 3pt, and ball handle with Dantoni as coach. Will let you know how it works.