Go lebron or go p george

Don’t know who to take… Not a big LBJ fan but which card plays better?

pg is way cetter

LBJ is better if you need a primary scoring option or someone to run the offense through. PG fits in really nice as a spot up shooter and solid scoring option when you need him to.

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We had this exact thread yesterday, haha. Who do you want to use? Consensus is Bron for attributes, PG for animations. Pick who you like.

Lebron is not a player I care for in real life and when I play w him he won’t be a main scorer neither will prob

I can never time LeBron’s 3

Don’t know why

PG is the answer you’re looking for


Played w both for the 1st time today. Tried both duos. Kept PG & sold Bron real quick. LBJ is strictly for defense bc I hate every animation he has except free throw. PG is a beast w better tendencies on defense.


I pulled him twice in duo packs… The fact I have AD locked is making it hard for me to sell him, haha. Even though they are number 11 and 12 on my bench

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Bron is so clunky he’s only good for defense and playmaking in my opinion. PG such better animations


lebron better pg
george better sg/sf

I’m also on the PG side here. Bought him today and have been on a tear.

PG13 has one of the best jumpers on the game

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Look Im gonna keep it really real, my favorite players who in my OPINION have the best jumpers in 2k20 because they are the most reliable easy to green and still pretty quick are PG13, KD and Klay. Im sure there are a few others but those 3 players my god their jumpers are money

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