GO Kobe worth the grind?

Is Kobe worth grinding out all the challenges? I’m close to getting Olajuwon (6 challenges missing) but I’ve only done 2/30 of the OG sim challenges and I haven’t completely decided if I’m gonna continue the grind for Kobe or end it with Hakeem.

I’ve heard people talk trash about all these sim challenges OPALs - Kobe included. Anyone who has him and can confirm he’s actually worth it?

I’m three teams away from him. I think he’s worth it, easily. I mean ask yourself this question. How much would he be going for on the AH?


Its up to each individual if it’s worth it or not. It wasn’t for me. Luckily 2k dropped Glen Rice he will hold down the 2.

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Yeah probably over a mio. His stats also look insane, combined with 60+ hof badges I don’t see how he could not be good

no one can tell u if it’s worth it. they can only give u ways for u to come a decision on your own.


  • how much time do you have?
  • how much MT do you have?
  • do you mind playing offline?
  • do you care about having the best Kobe card bc it’s Kobe or bc it’s a near perfect card?
  • u won’t win every game with one card. there are close AH alternatives in terms of what Kobe can provide.

for me it’s not really worth it in the sense of what the card can provide bc of other cards I have, but I work from home and have free time and don’t mind playing offline and want the best version of Kobe.


Yeah I know there’s no absolute truth if he’s actually good or not, just wanted to hear people’s opinions on how his card plays IG. I’d prefer a GOAT-ed MJ since he’s the true GOAT but oh well.

I will go for Arenas and Hakeem dont know yet if complete the grind with Harden for Kobe.

For you, It depends on how much MT do you have, if you buy VC or MT, you can have better cards on the market (Like TMAC). The way I see it right now there is not a lot to do, it is almost impossible to go 12-0. So Im playing TTO and grinding the Challenges for fun with lineups I have not used this year.

I have around a million MT so I could buy GO TMAC yeah but is he really better than GO Kobe?

imho after seeing a lot of GO Kobes recently online…I really think Richmond is better and he’s 175k right now.

Or grind for Glen Rice, or pay someone $25 to do it for you (which I refuse to do…but up to you lol)

Kobe’s shot isn’t the greatest and the way 2K works is it doesn’t give him any special boost for moving shots (though he deserves a higher than HOF difficult shots badge).

2K screwed up Kobe imo. He should be more dominant but now every card has the same badge and Dino dribbles better smh

Really? He’s that bad…wow. I haven’t played online for a long time since I’m commited for a grind lol.

to me the biggest question is how do u feel about continuing to play offline almost exclusively for the next 2 weeks?

I am not saying he is bad. I am just saying he’s not the number 1 SG and the difference between him and the elite auctionable SGs isn’t there.

Not worth the 120 hours…

unless you are a huge fan then obviously he will be fun.

But the hours are ridiculous. That’s 6 hours a day for 20 days.

I don’t mind it if he’s actually good

If 2K wanted to do Kobe justice they would upgrade his moving shots to be much better than other people. Eddy Curry can hit moving threes at the same rate lol. It’s dumb. This is the real issue, and his jumper isn’t Wade/Rice level where it’s glitchy. And neither is his finishing.

He’s not that bad imo. The card has been very good for me personally. That being said, the best part of the card is that its Kobe. If you are a big Kobe fan, or a big basketball fan for that matter, you will enjoy playing with the card. It’s a lot of fun to dunk on people or hit fadeways and yell “Kobe”. But to agree with some of the points I’ve seen, if you really can’t stomach the grind and just want a great SG, they are certainly other options that would suffice.

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The “Kobe” factor is awesome, I get that. Going against him, it sucks to see him miss deep fades or moving threes because that’s literally his shot. He should look different on the court than anyone else in terms of difficult shots – 2K should just boost the green window of his moving and it’d be more fair to grinders


What’s your opinion on MJ? He’s my favorite player of all time but I wasn’t that impressed with his GO. I’m thinking of giving him another chance but his price has gone crazy.

MJ’s perimeter defense seems like it’s boosted to 125 or something. He’s amazing on that end. I think we get a 99 everything Jordan soon but not sure if in AH or 1750 token reward.


So either way unattainable for me, he’ll probably be even more expensive than LeBron if he’s in AH right?

Pink diamond t-mac starts over opal Kobe for me it’s all about player model 6’6 6’8 is huge difference. I actually like Vince Carter more also, if you got a God squad he is not worth it.

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