GO Kevin Garnett

Since it’s rumored that GO KG will drop today, i was curious about his attributes. Seeing that the PD has 4161 total attributes and taking into consideration that almost all GOs have 200-300 more attributes than their PD versions, it is possible that KG will basically be a GO Giannis type player? (i.e. speed boosting, 6’11 freak)

I mean if you examine the PD’s stats, the only place that a real upgrade can be made is in the playmaking region, right?

Most likely and he might have +2 or 3 boost in other attributes … you won’t be able to feel the difference

he will have 4350++ stats and 22 HOF

I’ve been wrong before, many times, having said that I don’t think he drops today


At this point anything is possible


Just give him base 11, f it

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Well I wont be able to buy or pull him in these servers

I think we get token market update after 500 tokens yesterday and then kg next week personally


If they speed his shot and take his ball control from 60 to 86 he will be the best Opal you can buy until Giannis drops

His shot is slower, but it’s smooth. He’s a high post player though mainly. Used his PD until GO Moses took that role from him.

They have to bump his strength to match the bigs though. Even the new GO guards are coming with comparable strength to PD KG. (Oscar is 93 for example)

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I’m calling Gopal pierce, diamond scalabrine

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Does anyone remember this beast? SWB could be boosted to a whooping 98 with shoe and duo. That’s what I’m expecting tonight. https://2kmtcentral.com/17/players/20426/kevin-garnett


Also, his rookie card has a 43 driving dunk. The idiot who made it should be executed.

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I don’t think we’re getting KG today. It’d be nice tho.

Please fix his jumper.



I thought about it lol

I will be shocked if they don’t give opal KG enough BC to speed boost. He’s probably gonna keep the same ugly jumper but who cares if he’s a speed boosting dunk machine on one end of the court and a lockdown defender on the other


You’re a Pelicans fan now? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was a betting man, I’d say we get him next week. Day after a promo is too soon. They’ll ride this out until award winners on Tuesday, then KG next Friday. Probably a token market update today.

Kg with 86 ball control gonna be a walking bald scrub if he has that trash release