GO Karl Malone v.s GO Moses Malone ! Who’s better at PF 🤔

Karl gets more stats in total but Moses taller and has better D and HOF pick picket (with his 97 steal) , so who you guys think that’s better at PF ?

Its not even close. Moses. Karl is a 3.


Karl at 3 and Moses at 4 ?

That would be ideal


Dude 99 3 with a coach and can speedboost off the bat
Moses is ever so slightly better in the post/rebounding/defense categories but Karl is significantly better shooting and playmaking wise
Shouldn’t even be a debate tbh
But for us peasants who can’t get TMac, Moses is definitely a very solid card


Karl gets worked at the 4. Stats dont make up for size.


6’9/250 seems like a solid player build
Doesn’t defensive Stopper work on anyone 7 feet and under?

can you post spin malone with drob or similar player?

Moses has 100 block / contest tendencies and 0 foul / hard foul tendencies. Thats mchale esque. Moses is 50 pounds heavier than mchale, while being the same height, and has 99 defensive stats across the board. I know the comparison is vs karl, but all 3 of these guys are quite similar and id rather have moses over the other 2.

Ones locked in a set behind a 1mil mt card.
Ones locked behind 750 tokens.
Ones 225k mt.


Karl got nerfed straight up

Karl has a 95 Open 3

How so? (Genuinely curious btw I don’t have him lol not trying to be sarcastic)

Moses at the 4, Karl is good at 3 but there are way better cards that can play the 3 such as Giannis, Worthy. So the answer is no do not lock for Karl.

I agree with everyone else, I run Karl at the 3 and Moses at the 4.

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Dave Cowens for the price

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Lmao I just got Moses yesterday. He’s totally different than Karl. He’s a great player but Karls shooting is unmatched from that spot. He’s so fast with the ball and will break your ankles. Moses is a traditional undersized c who’s undersized for c, forcing you to play him at 4. Very good tho

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I run a ruby squad, and every so often I put him in the reserves in case I need him and he’s literally the worst player on the floor smh

If anyone cares I did sell drob instead of KAJ for Moses. I would do it again Moses and KAJ is better for me than drob and KAJ.

People paid a grip for that Karl Malone and I barely play against him now.

I payed a solid amount, waited a little but I love Malone and Tmac. I’m a rockets lifer so I got my money out of tmac since still no opal. Also Malone is so damn good I think I’ll use him all year too.

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