GO Karl Malone Release is fire!

It’s so quick but not base 11 quick so far much better than GO Blake.

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It’s his signature jumpshot.
It’s always been the same.

I said this couple days ago about the one on the All-Time Jazz team

Can someone upload a video?

Might have to get this summmbitch.

We all waiting for shams Tmac review before we lock

Also do a post fade bros

Dbg has Karls release. YBC has tmac. Dbg is so shitty with karl tho lmao

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TMac imo is better than VC and Brandon Roy.

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I’ve been placing a 700k bid on Tmac for like an hour but some cuck keeps outbidding me

Karl gets sharp/slash takeover with red Kobe and mids.

Anyone have karl with Steve Kerr?

Im getting him boys fuck it.

The same as Kristaps if anyone was wondering


Yah I was gonna say that’s who it feels like to me

He gets sharp glass with Casey and cp3s anyone have any other combos they tried?

Switch to D’Antoni and it’s sharp/slash by default.

I want to switch to dantoni but giannis has sharp slash with casey, if I can get sharp slash with a other shoe I’ll prob stick with him. If not maybe I’ll switch back to dantoni.

How is the fade

Everything is literally perfect.

Even moving shot and hop shot is money.

Nice looks like I’ve been hoarding MT for the perfect moment, time to spend.