GO Kareem Worth it?

Have enough to purchase but I don’t know

Hell yes.

Yes yes yes. Can’t even express how great he is

Averaging like 29/13 with this beast lol

You will win every centre Match up not named Kareem lol

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I’m using D Rob/Kareem as my front court and Kareem is an animal at the 4. He lights up small PF’s on offense, yet can still guard small ball 4’s.

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no. i had him at center. he’s fantastic, but i need range extender and/or dimer on my centers. sold him for bam, who has put in more impact in a quarter of the price

Got em

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I gotta disagree. If I see bam im licking my chops. But it sounds like you like a centre who can stretch the floor more than a traditional centre. Kareem can shoot tho. Which is a nice luxury. Id still run this Kareem even if his 3 was 50 lol.

Kareem eats bam in the post for breakfast


Best big in the game by a mile.

For defense alone hes worth it.

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The only other center who was able to limit Kareem was Amy Ratliff :sweat_smile:.
The only downside is that he dunks way too less.

i actually havent had too many issues with defending kareem in the post. me and most of my opponents are very inconsistent on the animations he gets. i was so excited for the card too. i had so much mt saved for what i thought would be my favourite card after loving last years opal kareem. he aint it

Well by the sounds of it Kareem isn’t your kind of centre. You just said you want your centre to have range extender that doesn’t sound like an offense that caters to Kareem at all

You can literally run the floor with this Kareem.

Glad bam gets it done for you tho :slight_smile:

Man amongst boys


Budget squad coming along nicely. I think I’ll make an effort to get RJ and Embiid soon. Kinda bored of Granger and all the other SG’s I want are hella expensive. Not sure if Embiid is worth it over Big Z and Nurkić/Thon.


Big Z and Thon are way better than Embiid

Really? I’m a big fan of Big Z tbf but I figured if I got to PD board I might as well get Embiid. Does he suck?


Is with no doubt the best center in the game

What shoe you guys put on him? 3pt shoe?

I like the Gold Adidas that boost Lat Quickness, Speed and 3pt. Perfect boosts for him.

I’m waiting on picking him up until there’s a market for GO centers. He’s not part of a lockable set so his price won’t go up. Also I’m only 5 cards away from Sabonis and I’m about to get him in the next hour so that helps.